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Going to School in India Volume 1 (Going to in the Lake, on a Bus, and in a Mud Desert)
Author: Lisa Heydlauff
Language: English
Type of Product: DVD
Item Number: V1073W
Retail Price: $19.95
ISBN Number: 1888194006
Description: In India, miliions of children go to school at night, in desert tents, and on mountaintops as well as classrooms in buildings. They go by bicycle, boat and wheelchair. They go because they think that going to school will change their lives, but millions of children don't go to school at all. Created by the nonprofit group Going to School, this charming documentary celebrates what school can be to inspire millions of children to go to school. Ages 5~12. 25 minutes.

Going to School in the Lake
Twelve-year-old Zahida lives on an island in the middle of a lake and her school is also in the middle of a lake, in a small village. Everyday Zahida and her sister Masarat go to school together in their shikara boat. Here they learn how to keep the lake clean and about the vegetation and plants of the floating garden within. They even have shikara races in school.

Going to School on a Bus
In Bombay, an 11-year-old boy Saddam studies and plays music with classmates aboard the Door Step School, a school-on-wheels. Each day the bus parks in front of a chicken market where the children enter for their daily lesson. The bus functions as a school and as an actual bus taking children to and from another school. When Saddam is not in school, he helps his mother by selling on a street. Saddam wants to become a Bollywood star just like Salman Khan.

Going to School in a Mud Desert
Every year, the monsoons turn the desert into a sea. When the rain stops, the water slowly sinks into the ground, leaving salt behind. Saltpan workers and their families move into the desert to make salt. They build houses and install pumps to bring salty water from under the ground into surface basins; water that will crystallize into six-sided salt cubes. Children move into the desert with their families and while their families work, they go to school. Ramash, a 12-year-old boy takes us to his desert classroom where water must be delivered by truck and students must mark their trails to avoid getting lost by oases. Children go to school to learn to read so they can visit other villages.
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