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Going to School in India Volume 3 (Going to School in the Dark, on Wheels, and in a Monastery) (English/Hindi)
Author: Lisa Heydlauff
Language: English, Hindi
Type of Product: DVD
Item Number: V1075W
Retail Price: $19.95
ISBN Number: 1888194006
Description: In India, miliions of children go to school at night, in desert tents, and on mountaintops as well as classrooms in buildings. They go by bicycle, boat and wheelchair. They go because they think that going to school will change their lives, but millions of children don't go to school at all. Created by the nonprofit group Going to School, this charming documentary celebrates what school can be to inspire millions of children to go to school. Ages 5~12. 25 minutes.

Going to School in the Dark
When other children go to school, many girls in India stay home to look after their younger brothers and sisters; they help with the housework and in the fields. As the sun sets, they emerge from their houses to walk each other to school in the fading light. Electricity here is erratic at best, and the girls go to school lit by the light of solar lanterns. At school they learn how to count numbers, read stories, and even think for themselves. All the girls who go to school here are members of an elected children's parliament - the girls run their own schools and decide what their school can be. Their school is for girls only because boys go to government schools during the day.

Going to School on Wheels
Haider goes to school in his wheelchair. Every morning, Haider's friends arrive at his house 30 minutes before school begins. Deciding who gets to push Haider today, they tip the wheelchair back onto its two big black wheels and are off! Haider lives one kilometre away from Raspunja Free Primary School. One kilometre was a long way for Haider, when he didn't have wheels. In fact, one kilometre was so far that Haider didn't go to school until he was given a wheelchair. Now he wheels wherever the boys take him, and they take him everywhere

Going to School in a Monastery
10-year-old Lobzang Namgal lives in a monastery. It is his home and his school. Here he learns English, Tibetan, Math, and Philosophy. Everyone takes turns cooking, serving food, and washing dishes each day to better live together.
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